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All women in 50 Million will look like this (Seriously!)

The Year 50,000,000 (Fifty Million) was the first year of the 51st Millionth Century and one of the most influential eras (both genetically and technically) within both Human and Universal History. Termed as both Humanity's Golden Age of Beauty and Earths sexual zenith by some historians. The Year 50 Million was considered one of the times that humanity's intellect and genetic aesthetics had caught up within the right place and time. The following article details the era by society, fashion, and technology as well as some notable events within the year.

Biology Edit

Biology is the 1st section of this article due to its importance to future epochs of Earth/Universal history. Due to the massive wave of genetic engineering created to save the remnants of the Human and several other Alien races after the Mecha/Orga War of 10,000,000 Humanity had not yet quite realized how greatly their physical appearance and mental and biological makeup was changed. A Cabal (or secretive grouping) of both elite government scientists and private Biotech companies from throughout the Cosmos. The group had (unknown to anyone else outside of them) had for unknown millenia were collecting a massive group of genetic materials based upon a List of Adult Models and actresses (predominantly Human) from the 20th to 41st Centuries.

The main purpose of the project was to create not only what was in their mind as the perfect Human female but also the most perfect Human Being ever, little did they truly know how well they would succeed in this ultimate scientific endeavor. over several thousand years this (what is now termed as) Hyper-Sapien was engineered with the ability to instantly regenerate physically at the molecular level (something not even conceived of in past eras.), a near insect level rapid growth rate for faster planetary population growth, and as the pinnacle of their experiment the natural ability to self-procreate.

However their main goal was to make an Human as physically attractive as possible. And while this trait was given as much equal attention to both males and females as possible due to the almost massively shared physical abilities and procreative traits while at a early point both Male & Female sexes still existed in less then a initial long term passage of 5 Million years most of Humanity was essentially rendered by Hyper-Evolution means predominantly female.

General Appearance Edit

By the year 19,000,000 most Human females had these common physical statistical features:

  • Height Well within or over 6 ft.
  • Breast size well over the 20th Century equivalent a D cup bra beginning at the start of Puberty
  • Hair Length commonly over 1 ft. (This however is more so just a fashionable choice then a genetic trait)
  • Face and Body symmetry are either within or higher average standards

External Links Edit

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