Amy Wong
Amy Wong by DarkVigilante-1-
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Mars
Date of Birth: August 4, 2980
Profession(s): Long-term Intern at Planet Express
Current Age: 28
Mother: Inez Wong
Father: Leo Wong
Girl/Boyfriend/Spouse: Kif Kroker
Personal Weapons Systems
Defensive Systems
Chronological and General Info

Amy Wong grew up on Mars. Her parents, Leo and Inez, own Wong Ranch, a buggalo farm that covers the entire western hemisphere of Mars.

Family Edit



Jealous, Self-centered, extroverted, Naive

Catchphrase Edit

  • Guh!
  • Buh!
  • Fluh!
  • Spluh!


  • In Futurama Cinematic Universe, Amy is portrayed by Scarlett Johansson.

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