Angleyne (Particle Series XX-YXenne001)
Angleyne main
Class/Type: Crystal Based Particle Synthetic (Nano-Particle based Robot)
Gender: Fem-Bot (Female)
Planet of Origin: Planet Earth
Home Universe/Reality: Universe 1/Gamma
Date of Creation: February 10, 2980
Profession(s): Robo-Porn Star

Starship Commanding Officer (Captain)

Ships/Company Posting: N.X.X. Quantum Phoenix (BP-128432-J)
Years Active: 10
Current Status: Active/Alive
Unit Specfications
Unit Manufacturer: Mom's Friendly Robot Company
Sister(s): Anglea (Particle Series XX-YXenne002)
Unit Systems/Robo-Abilities
Main Computer System(s): Momcorp based 1tb core quadsoliner sub-quantum hyper processor core
Avionics Systems: built in anti gravity repulsors (for short flight
Unit Power Systems
Weapons Systems
Particle Beam Weapons: Positronic Beam Cannons
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Death Beam Cannons (Back Mounted)

High Intensity Mass Energy Cannon (Hyper-Death Capable)

Defensive Systems
Chronological and General Info
Units Main/Primary Function: High Density Object Bending Unit

Angleyne (Particle Series XX-YXenne001) is a Former Bending unit, Robo-Porn Star and Internal Circuitry Model, and Current Captain of Former D.O.O.P. Heavy Defense Ship N. X. X. Quantum Phoenix

Series BasicsEdit

Date of Creation: February 10, 2980

Place of Creation: Mom's Robot Production Line 224 Factory 102201, Van Nuys, California

Particle CompositionEdit

The XX Series primarily consists of a Nano-Crystalline internal pure techno organic DNA genetic Bio-Base (no skeletal structure) and an external Shell/Skin of interlinked Holo-shield particles which makes the system completely resistant to all forms of Radiation, electromagnetism, and Heavy Gravity.


The XX-Series is capable of bending or manipulating solid matter by upon contact with any object can re-manipulate the Sub-Atomic Structure of the object and bend and twist it into practical shapes and functions (This ability is primarily used for construction purposes). Also the Unit is capable of heavy combat (which is built into all Moms robots in case of emergency military situations). By the means of an internal Weapons array which primarily consists of:

(Primary Weapons)

Series HistoryEdit

Angleyne was created as a test model for a more"user friendly" bending unit in mainly male heavy occupied construction sites. In reality however the project was really only a shadow project concocted between Mom and the remnants of the Humans based organized crime not yet destroyed or taken over by the Robot Mafia.

The series XX-YX units were mainly not used as practical construction units but instead were really only a new form of Robot prostitute to line Mom's pockets.

Surprisingly Angleyne took this in stride (however this was much more likely this was a result of Momcorps "submissive acceptance" programming