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File:2695555260 d594086e1c-1-.jpg
NarutoX-File character
Anthony Uchiha
Birth Date
Age 16
Blood type O
Gender Male
Genin Age 09
Chunin Age 11
Jonin Age 13
Current Location The Warning Lands
Village of Origin Konohagakure
Rank Jonin or S-Class ninja
Family Itachi Uchiha
Girlfriend none because he got no time for a girlfriend
Son none

Anthony Uchiha is the only akatsuki that is not from The Warning Lands found The Warning Lands. He is from the Akatsuki X-File. He is the founder of the Akatsuki X-File.


He look like Itachi Uchiha the reason of that is because Itachi made a child and that child made a child and the grandson of Itachi id Anthony Uchiha.




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