Applied Cryogenics is a cryogenics lab in New New York. For over a thousand years it has provided safe storage environments for humans to sleep for lengths of time that may exceed a million years. This long-term uninterrupted stability seems quite an achievement considering the careless handling of the chambers, their last power shortage being in 1997, and the fact that they have survived two destructions of New York as well the second coming of Jesus.

The daily routine for staff of Applied Cryogenics is centred around waiting for another of their customers to defrost, and making sure that their chambers work properly until that time comes. Once a defrostee is awake, they are scanned, poked and prodded by the probulator at the Fate Assignment Office, and it is soon determined whether they have any family and what they will do for the rest of their lives. They will then be implanted with their career chips.


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