The Arroyo Park Crips (APC), also known as the "A" Gang as well as the Arroyo Park Gangster Crips (APGC), due to their affiliation with the Gangster Crips are primarily an African-American Crip gang located on the West Side of Simi Valley, California. They originated during the early 1970s, named after Vista Del Arroyo Park, a local park in the heart of their neighborhood, between Madera Rd (west), Sinaloa Rd (east), E. Easy St (north) and E. Los Angeles Ave (south).

The Arroyo Park Crips fall under West Side Crips and Trays (3x) and are known to sport apparel of the Philadelphia Athletics, an American professional baseball team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Especially, baseball fitted caps with the Philadelphia Athletics, logo (A) to represent the first word of their name (Arroyo).

Despite, being Crips their primary color is blue (blue rag) their cliques consist of Lysander Avenue, Athens Avenue, Electra Avenue and Socrates Avenue.

Allies & Rivals

The Arroyo Park Crips are allies of the Simi Valley Gangster Crips (SVGC) and other gangs under the Gangster Crips 3x card. In the past the Arroyo Parks often found themselves clashing with the Varrio Simi Valley. They also feud with the South Side Piru, Valley Hood Pirus, and the Carlotta Street Pirus as well as the West Side Locos.

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