[Bender and Fry trying to socialize with the criminals]

Bender: I know we are all inocents here, but blame it on the law, right? They're nothing but a big, stinkin', bunch of cow cra-- Holy crap, is that Bullwinkle?

Fry: Run! [run away]

[Hermes and Zoidberg tapping Professor Farnsworth's naked vote video]

Zoidberg: Okay, now... Give me all you got! [Professor Farnsworth makes sensual faces] C'mon, make me hate you! Make me love you! Make me bipolar!

Hermes: Hmm... [looks on the camera tapping the video] It's like a Spongebob episode down here. I can see Squidward, and there's two saggy Krabby Patties!

[Everyone watching the Channel 7000 News]

Female Robot Anchoir: There was a local bombing today. Two robots got severely hurt. If there isn't enough screw you to America, there's definitely enough screws to get those robots fixed, right?

[Only Bender laughs and everyone stares at him]

Bender: What? She said it in a good way! [Look away] Puritans.

[Bender and Fry giving their real identities to the fake ID guys]

Cop #1 (disguised): Names, please?

Fry: Oh, I'm Fry.

Bender: Bender Bending Rodríguez.

Fry: What?

Bender: Bender Bending Rodríguez.

Fry: That's weird.

Bender: Why? Why is my name weird, mister fried?

Fry: Like... Bender Bending... The clues are clearly there, there's no reason for Bending after Bender.

Bender: Yeah, then why there's [makes a pause and think] After Fry and... [makes another awkward pause] Tcs, you name sucks, let's not get into that conversation.

[Leela encountering Zapp Brannigan while running away with Fry and Bender]

Zapp: Leela!

Leela: Zapp!

Zapp: What are you doing with those two criminals?

Leela: I'm escaping, okay? Guess I'm not you "marriage material" after all.

Zapp: Oh, my love... [makes dangerous movements with the gun in hand] Should I kill you or should I kiss you? Oh, my foolish heart! Fooled once, fooled twice!

Leela: Send me to prison, just let those two go! They have nothing to deal with it!

Bender: Leela, I don't think I'm following up to here, but I guess this guy knows you.

Leela: Shut up, Bender!

Bender: Have you tried e-Harmony? It's great.

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