Bender Bending Rodriguez
Aliases/Other Names: Bender
Class/Type: Series 1001 Primary Bending Unit
Planet of Origin: Earth (Hecho en Mexico)
Date of Creation: 2996
Profession(s): Assistant Manager of Sales
Years Active: Unknown thousands of years due to continuous time travel; head is 1055 years older than body, see age section for details
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Bender Bending Rodríguez (Model: Bending Unit 22) is a bending unit, who works at Planet Express as Assistant Manager of Sales, formerly chef of the company. He is one of the primary characters and is known for his "in-your-face interface".


Early yearsEdit

Bender Bending Rodríguez was built in Tijuana, Mexico in 2996 by Mom's Friendly Robot Company. There is some speculation about what happened in the following two years, except few things are certain, he briefly studied Bending at Bending State University, though he also graduated from the facility he was built in.

He soon got a job bending girders, but after realizing that the purpose of the girders he bent were for suicide booths, he figured that his purpose was meaningless and thus decided to kill himself in one of the suicide booths he had helped construct.

Family Edit