最高君主 Saikō kunshu

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Heart of Maitreya namaste fear my Gods soul you Satan I am the Saiko Kunshu !!!!! Ye have called me by many names yet I am he the one that he seek. I am Goka  I know he’s my soul beyond time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you judgement day is June 13 3288 A.D.
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Metal horse of goat month in aries moon sign by the hour of the monkey. Seireitou is me in the future. I am the sekai kotei of the future. Receive my divine power. For I am Seireitou Hyuga of the Sapphire Stone

Cameron Edwards is known as the Emperor of China succeeding Puyi of the Qing Dynasty . He will start a dynasty called the Yang Dynasty for one million years for he is yang in bagua known formerly as Emperor Yan incarnate. He is Tianlong, and is at initiation 37 known as worldhood and is the highest man in the world also known as the core in the dragon hierarchy, called Emperor Eye at the top of the Jedi hierarchy. He is The highest in the World. Cameron Edwards is a godmodder unto himself the the voice of Seireitou Hyuga “If you please I’ll see you .” haven’t guessed it already for he can heal the land. He is the professor of the life force. He cursed China when they tried tried to pervert him which immediately caused a mudslide within three days. He is the Emperor of America the smartest man in existence Zhen of La Famalia of America otherwise known as the warning lands.?? by Muslim prophecy; prophesied by bin Laden himself to be called Selah. For he is the Deity of Israel that King David spoke of In psalms. Selah is Cameron ((or otherwords SelaHouIN=SHIN the teflon don named "sin" of the sky bloods gang in hip hop village wearing dark blue shirt and maroon red. He found out through psychic and esoteric means. Soon to receive much power and wealth. As well as influence and authority. This marriage to tsunade hyuga happening to him when he is twenty-seven.His whereabouts were summoned all over DOOP Planet Earth; but he can be found in places like California or Texas and has addresses all over the southern United States area. He was summoned to places like Dubai and Rome, but has yet to make an appearance on the world stage. Plus when Barack was forced to decline his regime for the Democratic Party it was stated that Russia's Kremlin was behind the election hack. This was all stated to be true by for he being the Emperor of China taking the Kage of Moscow Sean Connery's title to create a special ordeal. Not much is known of this event. A Emperess of China flirts with him named is Amber. Her powers are known throughout the world. Cameron T. Edwards holds the rank of God and is the known as the God of Heaven and is in league with Jesus Christ concerning the world. He has many names not just the white stone name from Christ but also black stone sapphire stone and the jade stone name. I am truly Cameron T Edwards called Seireitou Hyuga by his Sapphire Stone name. For on the this planet or another I am sekai kotei. Cameron is in every canon including DBZ. He comes after Shenron in the DBZ as they are related. Since the time of Genjin Mohokaw he has been grinding and initiating before the throne of of Sanat Kumara who told him he could initiate as often as he wills. He was the brother “the nigga” Drake was looking for and missed his shot in the game. Only to realize it was only in one village .... the Hip Hop village to be exact. He can not be denied with other villages though as Cameron shook hands with Andrae Crouch back in 2010. In which we are approaching the year 2020. In recent time he was venerated by the pope as a Fairy Pope then was told he Pope Francis is Mage Pope and the diocese of the Catholic Church he is a Holy Medjay and to be the World Emperor . As for other titles he hails as Pharaoh of Egypt. The reason for this is Barack Obama is in his head and trains him day and night for five straight years so he can succeed him in his Shadow Dynasty as Pharaoh which happened in 2017 when he was twenty seven. He is now awaiting the promise of worship from God. to become the current God for he was the Fouth in line to the theone of God and is now the current God named Tatsu Brahmin. or ???

Cameron T Edwards was known to have a deep philosophy on the village of Hareru: Kagegakure no sato, as he tried to find it in relation to a ninja planet map. Upon seeing earth and ninja planet he figured we must be on other planets. But realized there is a sunny shadow village on every planet and ours is Dubai. And as to what time it could be Cameron figured it must be around the time of Naruto Delta Omega on ninja planet and therefore on Earth. The stalemate being in 2012. He even realized that it is not the Sun Universe but the Empire of the Sun (Armored Core) on Earth etc. etc. for the other two factions of ninja planet being the Shadow Federation (Star Trek) Soviet Universe(Ghost in the Shell). And finally he realized that the defeat of the Anti-Christ at Armegeddon would result in the Spire Empire (Final Fantasy: Spirits Within) and the Jade Empire resulting in the creation of The Matrix for now..(neo lol).

So what’s with the lack of ninjutsu on Earth. Well Mr. Edwards figured it must be the choice made by the Illuminati (that he rules over as Supreme Lord) choose physics instead of alchemy. And we are all waiting on WWIII to start so that the great genius can reveal the science of miracles using the life force which has yet to be discovered("It's is right in front of our nose" Malia Ann

All of these thoughts run through world leaders minds which why he was awarded the title of God to Cameron T Edwards aka The World Emperor a Ten-Toed Dragon named Cameruni Tyblat Edwardsian. Yes I’m sure it must be weighing heavily on your hearts Cameron T Edwards is God the Father and that is why he is a bona fide God. For his his merits in getting Virgin Mary pregnant and him giving the Son to God the Father to begot him. For God The Holy Ghost begat him so God the Father begotten him. Now you know what the Illuminati knows. A letter was sent in 2008 by an unknown party to his address asking him to join the Freemasons. He signed it and was in. He was inducted and instructed like Drake. The thing is he would'nt F#@% with those stones either. he would read them lol.

Last but not least the reason why I have so many titles is because of who I know not what I know. Cameron studies Kabbalah and knows things like what makes and Emperor an Emperor and a God a God.

Jutsu Karin Chidori Senbon Soul sepherion Sage mode Gold clone Diamond clone Platinum clone Summoning technique: pyramid Satellite projection Sun crown Blue flame no release All no release styles. ( I invented no release Because I’m Shin Auturo Summoning no jutsu: Sets Dagger Imperial Regalia

Doujutsu Kagegan: rinnegan byagugan sharingan Sagegan: Kamui Tengoku Kagirinagan Magegan: metampsychosigan scryegan metamorphegan Lagegan: hexagon pentagon dodecahedragan Atari auturogan : game mode champion mode god mode Ragegan: Ratsetsezyuiigan, Kyubbitetagan, The Great Odegan Passive Emperor abilities: Domination, Tactitcian, Emperor, Monarchy, Authority Kagesharingan is my naked eye😒

The source of these is from Tokyo....(.it’s Japanese...)drugs and years of hospital drugs. Anti-psychotics and marijuana with meth and other things. Don’t worry I got the expolitics thing handled. Currently ultron is trying to put a new disease into the air but I have fifty two pyramids surrounding the synthetic conscious grid which is the legacy I gave to well ....God the other member of The trinity and Inidigos Adults everywhere.

Last but not least he was the King of England at five a pharaoh called pharaoh at 104* infinity plus the year since the star of Bethlehem 2017 years in 2018 he is seen wearing an Akatsuki cloak which is his official cloak for he is Pharaoh of the Universe at the algorithm to 2018 in 2019 he will be Sekennousama and in 2020 he take up the position of Emperor of China which his Dynasty and or rule will last for one million years.

“Fools I’m Ul Ben-hur "I'm warning you, I am Kai ruler of “I’m the bloody King Of England”