The Dark Side Junior Mafia Gang are a large and long standing African-American Blood gang whose roots can be traced back to the western section of Lakewood, California. Also known as the "Dark Side Junior Mafia Gangster Bloods" (DSJMGB), the major gang once inhabiting their area was known as the "Dark Side Gangsters" at one time. The Dark Side Gangsters have been around before the formation of the "Crips", along with the Lakewood Family Gang, Palms Park Hustlers, and the Bloomfield Park Hustlers. It is believed that the Dark Side Gangsters was started by a man by the name of Roland Martin and was sanctioned into the Bloods Alliance as a West Coast Bloods set in 1972. This gang has the distinction of being the largest Blood gang in Lakewood. Their Neighborhood stretches from Longworth Ave to Nectar Ave, by the 605 San Gabriel River Freeway around 211th Street to 213th Street. The Dark Side Junior Mafia Gang have several cliques such as 211th Street, 212th Street, Gradwell Street Hoggs, and 213th Street.

Allies & Rivals

The Dark Side Junior Mafia Gang have traditionally been cliqued up with the Bloomfield Park Piru Gang, who they share a long standing and deep rooted history with. The partnership between the two gangs is known on the streets as the "Dark Ru Alliance". They also share a close alliance with the Lakewood Family Bloods, known as the Lakewood Family Gang. Other allies are the East Side Palms Park Bloods, LA Palms Park Bloods, Ruff Ryders, Straight Bloods Society along with the Whittier Palms Park Bloods.

The Dark Side Junior Mafia Gang formed a truce with the Tough Artist Group (Taggin Crew), due to their mutural rivalries with nearby street gangs under the Crips (especially the South Side Junior Mafia Crips), and 206th St Bangstars.

Other Rivals of The Dark Side Junior Mafia Gang are the East Side Junior Mafia Crips, 195th St Bangstars, 215th St Lakewood Village Bangstars, Pasadena North Side Junior Mafia Crips, Santa Fe Springs Mafia Crips, 17th St West Side Junior Mafia Crips, South West Varrio Junior Mafia 13 (Sureno Gang), and the Varrio Lakewood. Despite being Bloods, the Dark Side Junior Mafia Gang are also known for their past feuds with other Blood gangs such as the Mayfair Park Gangster Bloods, along with the Murder Ville Bloods, as well as the Samoan Army Pirus.