donald project gangstas a dissassoiative street gang with no real hiarchy...... potential members are recruited between the ages of 12 and 18 by assossiating with those who consider themselves members (there is no patch earning..)...... there are no actual guidelines or requirements to join asside from being generally excepted by other members as an asset.... they sell weed, mushrooms, speed and ecstacy. cocaine and heroin markets are dominated by the bloods in their immediate area althought it is not uncommon to find them running (distributing) for the bloods. it is also not uncommon to find crips working in the same neighborhoods, violence between the groups is kept quiet(out of the public eye by both police and the gangs) due to the political nature of our city and high police to population ratio. asside from the drug trade member are know to boost (organised theft rings) and sell bycicles, electronics and other low value items but they have raided the winners and zellers storage containers and rob laundry machines... most members turn to cocaine dependency in their early 20`s...... this is the dead end of streetgangs... a couple kids with criminal ambition who more often fail than succeed.....

this article is based on experience, i grew up a few blocks away and although i hung out with them occasionally seeing as they were around when i first started getting involved in illegal activities... maybe 2-3 of the 30 or so member i know by name have actually done anything to earn my respect.... they were offered blood flags and dropped the donald project gangstas crap...... other gang see it as a training center you could say..... they learn to represent and organise themselve with the dpg before moving up but without attracting any attention to the real gangs.....
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