Dwight Conrad
Aliases/Other Names: Tinkler
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Home Universe/Reality: Earth
Profession(s): Co-owner of Awesome Express
Current Age: 12-14
Mother: LaBarbara
Father: Hermes
Girl/Boyfriend/Spouse: Virtina
Best Friend(s) Cubert
Personal Weapons Systems
Defensive Systems
Chronological and General Info
Enemies: Brett Blob


Dwight Conrad is the son of Hermes and LaBarbara Conrad and, temporarily, step-son of Barbados Slim. He goes to school with Professor Farnsworth's son/clone, Cubert, where they are occasionally bullied by Brett Blob, the son of Horrible Gelatinous Blob. Dwight seems to be of the more nerdy persuasion, his only true friend is Cubert with whom he does about everything. Dwight seems to be proud of his Jamaican ancestry, as he is wearing dreadlocks and a shirt showing the Jamaican national colors. His goal in life is to become a bureaucrat like his father, and already he shows promising talents for the job as he earned more money than his father Hermes through a paper delivery service.

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