The East Side Palms Park Bloods (ESPPB), also known as the "East Side Palms Park Hustlers", are primarily an African-American Blood gang in Palms Park located on the East Side of Lakewood, California. Their neighborhood stretches from Norwalk Blvd to Hawaiian Ave. Their main cliques are 207th Street and 209th Street. This gang has been around for decades, with history dating back to the early 1960s.

Allies & Rivals

Allies include: Lakewood Family Bloods, this alliance is often referred to as "Palms Families", and the Straight Bloods Society, this alliance is referred to as "Palms Society". Others Bloomfield Park Pirus, Dark Side Junior Mafia Gangster Bloods, LA Palms Park Bloods, Niggaz 4 Life Gang, Ruff Ryders, and the Whittier Palms Park Bloods. Rivals include: East Side Junior Mafia Crips, 195th St Bangstars, 215th St Lakewood Village Bangstars, Mayfair Park Gangster Bloods, Murder Ville Bloods, Pasadena North Side Junior Mafia Crips, Samoan Army Pirus, Santa Fe Springs Mafia Crips, 17th St West Side Junior Mafia Crips, South Side Junior Mafia Crips, South West Varrio Junior Mafia 13 (Sureno Gang), Tough Artist Group (Taggin Crew), 206th St Bangstars, and the Varrio Lakewood.