This article, Elemental Jutsu Elemental Jutsu Fruit (Devil Fruit), is property of Yung Wun.

Elemental Jutsu Elemental Jutsu Fruit
English name Elemental Jutsu Elemental Jutsu Fruit
Meaning Elemental Jutsu
Class Unknown
User Monkey D. Luffy Jr.

This Devil Fruits is the most powerful devil fruit and it was eatin by Monkey D. Luffy Jr..


Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Monkey D. Luffy Jr. as no known weakness but the strenght of this super devil fruit power is that he can make elements martil arts attacks. He can make Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and Lightning attacks.


Before he does a attack has to do some hand sign's.


Fire AttacksEdit

Water AttacksEdit

Earth AttacksEdit

Wind AttacksEdit

Lightning AttacksEdit


Team CombinationsEdit

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