Futurama Season 8a is the first part of Season 8 and consists of 13 episodes. The dvd release was called "Futurma Volume 9" and had Hermes on the front cover.


  • Going Around Again: Following the events of "Meanwhile", Professor Fansworth presses the button and automatically all the crew are back at the Planet Express building, all the same age as before. Amy comes in with passes to the Jupiter Day Spa, and while Bender is in the Sauna Room the robot Mafia threaten to kill him if he doesn't tell them the location of the Wong Families New Ranch, in order to get their revenge. Meanwhile Leela and Fry break up after an incident at the Spa and Professor Fansworth becomes a hypochondriac. 
  • Buggalow Boom: Amy travels with Kif to his home planet to meet one of their survivor offspring and have a family dinner with Kif's parents but they are very critical of Amy's parenting skills. Amy goes to Mars and visits her family for some tips but they are having a crisis with the Buggalow. Professor Fansworth sends over pills that can reduce the mating of the Buggalow but instead it increases the mating and the Wong Family have to purchase another ranch to hold the infant Buggalow dispite the cost so Amy gets a part time job at "Orbite".
  • Samson and De-Leela: Bender is depressed he doesn't have any parents so Fansworth creates him two robotic care givers and because he spends a lot of time with them Fry and Leela take Amy along for a delivery but they crash land in a mysterious jungle-type planet. The ship lands in a mysterious purple substance that Leela and Amy use a hair conditioner and it works great so they bring home a supply but Leela and Amy's hair begins to grow rapidly and they also acquire a lot of facial hair. The Inter-Galactic travelling circus purchases Amy and Leela as "Bearded Ladies" for their Freak Show.  
  • Fry Me To The Moon:

8b EpisodesEdit

Following season 8a was 8b and consisted of 13 episodes aswell, and the episodes were released on DVD as "Volume 10" with Zapp on the front cover.

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