Futurama future
Episode 19
Production Code 14ACV19
Season 14
Air date February 18, 2018
Directed By Bill Condon
Written By David X. Cohen
Guests Jessie Flower as BaiZhen Kroker

Rob Paulsen as Bolt Brannigan Catherine Taber as Lucy Fry

Storyboards By Patric M. Verrone (director of storyboard)

Matt Groening Peter Avazino (co-director of storyboard) David X. Cohen

Opening subtitle "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2"
Subtitle reference "I'll never let anybody hurt you."
Opening cartoon Futurama
Preceded by This is a Ship and I'm It's Sailor
Followed by The Futurama Full-length Epic

Future-ama is the 19th and last episode of season 14 of futurama. It is also the last episode of Futurama.


On December 5th 3017, a human/mutant hybrid Lucy Fry is born and her parents, Fry and Leela are truly happy that their daughter will grown into a bright young woman by the time Lucy will reach 17. Skipping 17 years into the future, she is a mild mannered, trouble making, irresponsible, teenager.

By the time she reaches her young adulthood, she has fall for a new delivery boy named Bolt Brannigan (who was the son of her mother's ex-lover, Zapp Brannigan).

Bolt and Lucy becomes engaged 17 years later and they are already married as well as having a child of their own whom they named Isabella "Bella" Marie Brannigan.

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