• In the scene where Stan kills Steve, He's fully alive in the next scene in which Roger tells the flashback.
  • When Steve, And the twelve other boys are doing their performance of Boyz13, A lot of times in the song, Snot is missing his Boyz13 clothes, In some shots, They show Snot with the regular clothing.
  • When Bender trips Roger in the flashback, At one frame, It's easy to spot this error when pausing, But for one frame, Oddly, You can see gameplay of this one GameCube, Luigi's Mansion.
  • When The Smith's are creating The Time Machine, The Time Machine's, The color of The Time Machine changes from Blue, To Purple, But when it shows Snot, Toshi, And Barry coming to The Smith's Family to get Steve, The Time Machine is back to being Blue again.
  • When Fry was trapped in the ice, For one frame where The Smith's are looking at the wall of ice, Steve is not shown.
  • When Bender was running away from Stan, Bender was shown falling down the edge with a ton of scratches on him, In the next scene, The doesn't have the scratches are not their.
  • In The waterfall incident where Bender, And Roger are about to fall down it, Bender was shown falling, And exploded, However, In the next scene where Fry is crying about Bender's death, It shows Bender in the water with nothing else but scratched, Even though he was burnt on fire in the last scene, And he was out of the water from the explosion, Therefore, He would've been more injured from an explosion then having scratches.

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