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Hermes Conrad
Age 49
Date of birth 2959
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet of origin Planet Earth
Profession Bureaucrat and Accountant
Bureaucrat grade 34

Family Edit

See: Conrad Family Tree

  • Mamma (deceased), fat and ugly

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

  • Sweet llamas of the Bahamas!
  • Sweet lion of Zion!
  • Sweet three-toed sloth of Ice Planet Hoth!
  • Sweet bongo of the Congo!
  • Sweet Yeti of the Serengeti! She's gone crazy-eddy in the headdy!
  • Sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg!
  • Sweet gorilla of Manilla!
  • Sweet manatee of Gallilee!
  • Sweet giant anteater of Santa Anita!
  • Sweet squid of Madrid!
  • Great cow of Moscow!
  • S-s-s-s-s-sweet something of......someplace.

more coming soon


  • In Futurama Cinematic Universe, Hermes is portrayed by Chadwick Boseman.

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