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This article, Himitsugakure, is property of Yung Wun.

This article, Himitsugakure, is property of Young Piece.

Village hidden in the secret.




The village hidden in the secret was a secret village that was famous in The Warning Lands. The Akatsuki X-File an organization in The Warning Lands.

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The Shinobi World
6 Great Nations: Land of Fire | Land of Lightning | Land of Water | Land of Earth | Land of Wind | Land of Mountains
Lost Lands: Kagegakure 2 | Jikokugakure | Mokugakure | Kurisutarugakure | Hikarigakure 2 | Genkougakure | Aisugakure | Kenkongakure
Shadow Lands:
The Warning Lands: Hip-Hop Village | Purazumagakure | Sonkeigakure | Kozumikkugakure | Hōkishima | Inperushima | Gomugakure | Himitsugakure
Forgotten Lands:
Land of the Sun: Harerukagegakure | Kabegakure
The Feudal Lands:
Other: Land of Fruits

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