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Hyo Hyo no Mi
Japanese Name:
English Name: Ice Ice Fruit
Meaning: Ice
First Appearance: Their is no show about One Piece Fanon!
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Ice Cube

The Ice Ice fruit is just like the devil fruit of Aokiji. Ice Cube can produce is own ice not like Aokiji is power dosent.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Weakness: Lava and Fire. But mostly is Lava.

Attack ListEdit

  • Ice Armor:

  • Ice Katana: Ability to compress ice, allowing for the sharp edge of a katana. It enables Ice Cube to effortlessly cut through metal, wood and stone.

  • Super Ice Age:

  • Ice Clone: He makes a clone made of ice, the clone can do the same attacks that the real Ice Cube is able to make.

  • Ice Wave:

  • Iceballs:Jabs and punches produce miniature iceballs and missiles of ice.

  • Ice Spikes: Ice Cube can shoot small shards of ice at their opponent, or cause a giant spike to protrude from a body of ice.

  • Ice Claws: Ice Claws is a move where the user draws ice around their fingers. They can also be sent forward, shooting them at an opponent.
  • Ice Spear: It involves freezing a stream of ice and then sending the solid frozen result flying at the target.
  • Ice Creeper: Ice Cube can send a ray of ice on the ground, speeding at an opponent to freeze them.
  • Ice Shield: Ice Cube can create an amount of ice in front of them, creating a shield of ice.

  • Ice Discs: Ice Cube can create a cylindrical column of ice and proceed to slice razor-sharp sections of it off and send them at an opponent.
  • Frosty Breath: Ice Cube can use their breath to rapidly freeze objects, such as metallic chains, or an opponent.

  • Ice Dome: Ice Cube surround a foe in a viscous sphere of water and then freeze it, trapping their opponent inside.
  • Ice Prison: Covers an opponent in a prison made of ice. By finely controlling the position of the person within, this technique can restrict the motions of Ice Cube hands, thus rendering them powerless.

  • Mass Freeze: Ice Cube can freeze multiple targets at once.


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