[Bender and Hermes pretending to be gay in front of Charize and the crew]

Hermes [holding hands with Bender]: Oh, Bender, I soo want to do gay stuff with you.

Bender: M-Me too! God, I got my steel on for your... "gayness"?

Leela: *sighs* Good God!

Bender: Shut up, you heterossexual beast! Don't you see the love happening in here?

Hermes: Alright, I'm gonna kiss you.

Bender: You better kiss me!

Charize: C'mon, you fagots, just do it!

Leela: I can't believe I'm seeing this...

[Fry trying to flirt with Megan Wolf]

Fry: Can I buy you a drink, hot stuff?

Megan Fox: *says something in Yeti*

Fry: I also like spanking. [growls to her]

[Fry and the bissexual ladybugs]

Fry [holding the heavy box]: I have a delivery for mis... [all ladybugs get excited] ...ster

Ted: Aw! Fooled once, fooled twice! [starts to cry]

[Bender, Hermes and Charize watching to her ultrasound]

Charize: See, it's just like you! [shows the baby drinking a tiny bottle of beer]

Bender: That's nothing! That could be anyone's child!

Charize: You gotta believe in my, Bender, I-- [accidentally swallows the cigarrete in her hand]

[Baby Bender gets the cigarrete inside her belly and smokes it]

Bender: Okay, now I'm convinced.

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