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File:Drawing 245-1-.JPG
FuturamaX-File character
Birth Date December 12, 1989
Age 19
Blood type O
Gender Male
Genin Age 10
Chunin Age 12
Current Location
Village of Origin
Rank Chunin
Team Unknown
Partner Unknown
Previous Team Unknown
Previous Partner Unknown
Previous Affiliation None

He is a ninja from the Hip-Hop Village, he is a dangerious chunin becaus went h see a enemie he start to go crazy.


He is a very strest out ninja. He is almost like gaara.


He can kill 12 special jonin in 2 minutes with is super wierd techniques.


He user a Dragon Blade for defence when he is almost out of chakra and went he is nerviss and strest out.



Is family is unknown.


Is friend was really friendly with J-Ninja and they understanded im better then any other people in the village.


When he was a young kid he was almost kill by a enemie ninja from the sound village, he way found down in a big hole in the forest when a medical-nin foud im and bring im at the hospital. atfer is churgerie he was going crazy when he look at other ninja's. He is always thinking about the day that he almost died. When he did the chunin exam in is village he was with is true friend that now is died before J-Ninja eyes.


Mission StatEdit

D - ?

C - ?

B - ?

A - 0

S - 0


Genjutsu: ?

Taijutsu: ?

Ninjutsu: ?

Seals: ?

Chakra: ?

Speed: ?

Force: ?

Intelligence: ?

Potential: ?

Type: Irregular


  • "Dont try me Playa!"
  • "What you loocking at?"

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