• Kif: Hello there, Yoda
  • Yoda: Meet You I Am Pleasured to. Like Me Why Do You Look?
  • Kif: Because i was... uh... to start feeling old. That's Why! My Job was Zapp Brannigan's sidekick. (to Yoda) What was Your Job?
  • Yoda: I Trained Jedi
  • Linda: You'd know that Mark Hamil, he was the star of the original Star Wars trilogy including the second film The Empire Strikes Back which he had been fighting the jedi, has suffered for medical insurance due to a heart attack and something very crazy going on with his pancrieos so he had to be in the hospital for a very few days, may the force be with you.
  • Darth Vader: Hope some fans of ours have watched the first three Star Wars movies.
  • Princess Leia: Me too, Mr. Vader.

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