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Maria R
Maria Ramirez
Date of birth
Birth Name Maria "Antionette" Ramirez...Lopez
Birth Location Lower Price Hill in Price Hill, Cincinnati
Current Location
Places lived
Gender Female (Gender)
Species Human
Blood Type Human Blood (Blood)
Blood Type Type B
Planet of origin Earth
Alignment Good
Height 5'5
Messurmants 38Ccup. but can wear 44D..
Eyes brown
Hair Brown
Marital Status Dating
Education Oyler High School

802 delhi avenue Sedamsville

Comming Soon....

Family Edit

  • Father:
  • Mother:
  • Brother:
  • Sister:
  • Cousin: Shelby Lynn [1]
  • Ante: Viola Martinez [2]
  • ante: Tammy Vega [3]
  • Shelby brother: Jason Lee [4]
  • Cousin (male): Austin Lunsford [5]
  • cousin: Austin Lunsford [6]
  • cousin/bro: Axel Ramirez [7]
  • Cousin: Robert Riley [8]
  • Uncle/pa: Gabriel Ramirez [9]


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