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Migaku Migaku no Mi
Name Migaku Migaku no Mi
Japenese Name
English Name Shine Shine Fruit
Meaning God's Light of Heaven
Class Paramecia
User Johnny Gat

The persone that eat the devil fruit is a saint of god im self. The user is chosen by god im self. It was God that chosen Johnny Gat.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Weakness: Their is no weakness but maybe just want he change from "Super Saint'" to Evil Shine of Hell.

Strength: He is connected with God.


Is power is to defeat evil and The World Government.


  • Purple Shine Punch:
  • Purple Saint Kick of Shine:
  • Shinning Punch: Shinning Punch can blind you for life.
  • Shinning Call: He do no this attack. This attack is not really a attack because he only call god for help, and when that appends he is save only if he is in danger.


  • Super Saint: All Johnny Gat clothings becomes Gold, White and Purple.
  • Evil Saint of Hell: Is form is just like want sasuke uchiha from naruto transform to the LV2 wit the curse mark. Is clothing change to black, dark blue and blue. Is hair is white.

Team CombinationsEdit


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