N.X.A. Armageddon
Sf the finding
Class/Type: D.O.O.P. Heavy Ultra Combat/Defense AutoCruiser
Registry Designation: BP-120010-0012
Length: 14,580 Meters
Beam: 1,250 Meters
Draft: 580 Meters
Decks/Sections: 10 Main Sections

480 Sub-Sections

Laid: November 10, 2989
Commissioned: May 6, 2989
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 20,950 (Fully Robo-Automated crew)
Commanding Officer (Captain): Selene (Series-128040)
Executive (1st) Officer: Indiana
2nd Officer: Pamela Anderson 4000 Series (Combat Command System)
Ships Systems
Drive Systems
Power Systems: Central Dark Matter Furnace Reactor
Main FTL Engines: Universe Repositioning Drive (Primary)
Offensive Systems
Torpedo Systems: 40,000 Particle Torpedo Gatling Launchers (Rotating)

2 Mega Energy Torpedo Generators (on Sides)

Particle Beam Weapons: 20,000 Positron Particle Cannons (Hull Wide) (Rotating)
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: 3 Planetary Annihilator Cannons
  • 4 Mega-Death Beam cannons (Foward & Aft)
  • 15 Destructo-Beam Rotating Beam Cannons
  • 25 Doomsday Mine Scattershot Launchers
Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: Crystalline Neutronium (Primary External)

Electro-Matter (2ndary Sub-Quantum External)

Military Service
Affiliation/Alligences: Diplomatic Order Of Planets

N. X. A. Armageddon (Registry:BP-120010-0012) is the Robo-Automated Ultra-Combat Flagship of the Democratic Order of Planets

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Ships History Edit

Naval Xploratory Assault-ship Armageddon was strictly constructed as a solely Automated War/Hyper-Defense Cruiser. Built with a fully robotic crew the Armageddon was created as an ultra-combat warship to be sent into only the most dangerous and deadly situations which no organic being could never survive.