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N.X.X. Quantum Phoenix
Registry: BP-128432-J
Class/Type: D.O.O.P. Heavy Combat Cruiser
Affiliation: Diplomatic Order Of Planets (Former)
None/Mercenary (Currently Designated)
Current Status: Active
Length: 1,480 Meters
Width: 240 Meters
Height: 100 Meters
Decks/Sections: 10 Main Sections
240 Sub-Sections
Laid January 9, 2984
Commissioned: May 4, 2989
Crew Compliment: 9,000 Troops (Standard)
440 (With Full Robo-Automation)
Commanding Officer (Captain): Angleyne Series-XX-001
'Executive (1st) Officer: Cameron T-101
2nd Officer: Kim Kardashian (Series-24004)
Propulsion Systems: Universe Repositioning Drive (Primary)
Fuel Sources: Central Dark Matter Furnace Reactor
Hull Composition: Crystalline Neutronium (Primary External)

The Quantum Phoenix is a former D.O.O.P Heavy Combat Defence Ship that is Currently operated by Angleyne Series XX-001 after it was purchased by Omega Apex Industries (A Super-Corporation actually run by super intelligent primates).

Main Ships FunctionEdit

The Phoenixs main mission is to act as a Ontological Event ship. Meaning that the Phoenix is hired by various influential indivisuals and Corporations to insure various events in their history happen so their means of wealth can occur.

Ships Specifications Edit