Neutronium is a Ultra Heavy form of dense Sub-Atomic Energy matter consisting of 20 or higher interlocked inactive Neutron Particles, it is found naturally in the cores of Neutron Stars. It was impossible to scan inside neutronium. It is currently used as Armor reenforcement on special sections of Star and Warships (See: Black Box Section) and a fuel source in various forms of Heavy Gravity based Systems/Weaponry through the early 25th Century directly to the 31st Century.

Particle Mechanics (Birthing/Creation Process) Edit

Neutronium actually contains little to no actual active Neutron activity at all this is due to a Sub-Atomic Radioacting process of Neutron Degeneration. As Neutron Stars begin to fade and die their ultra compressed cores slowly convert into pure Nuclear matter, this is the catyalist of the Degeneration process. Neutronium actually exists in a minimum of 20 Sub-Atomic states it 1st begins as a state of pure Neutron energitic gas within the Nuclear core (combined with a small admixture Proton and Electron Gases). As the gas degenerates the neutron energy Radiates or flys off and then reforms solidly at a massive level (depending on the size of the gaseous mass). As the gas decays it turns into 5 distinct Particle Sub-Classes of the element.

Particle States Edit

1. MonoNeutron (an isolated Neutron Particle consisting of beta decay with a half-life of approximately 15 minutes),typically becoming protons (the nucleus of hydrogen) and electrons.
2. Dineutron: (The dineutron, containing two neutrons), is not a bound particle, but has been proposed as an extremely short-lived state produced by nuclear reactions involving tritium.
3. TriNeutron: (Consisting of 3 Neutron Particles) only exists within this state for nolonger than a few seconds.
4. Tetraneutron: A tetraneutron is a Neutron particle cluster consisting of four bound neutrons.
5. Pentaneutron: consisting of a cluster of five neutrons, would not be bound.
And so on, through the numbers, up to IcosaNeutron, with 20 neutrons.

Neutronium finally achives its true elemental form when the Isotope Clusters reach 21 or higher (the higher the isotope count the denser the alloy).

Element Processing Edit

Neutronium is 1st collected in its primary energy/gas States (its most manageable form). Afterwards it is processed in a High Gravity Manuipulation Chamber (HGMC) which rapid hardens the gas into formed shapes. However the after process produces a by product of Anti-Neutronium a unstable ultra energetic form of the element. Neutronium is not used only in Hull Armor Reenforcement but can be used in variety of ways. For example it can be used as a Fuel/Energy core of any heavy Gravity based weapons/technology (such as Gravity well generators/Torpedos).

Element History Edit

Neutronium was 1st discovered by Particle Phyicsist Andreas Von Antropoff in 1926 as a Particle consisting of only Pure Neutrons and absolutley no Protons. Suprisingly it was discovered before Neutrons themselves were ever confirmed to exist.

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