Gangs in New Orleans.


  • Hollygrove 17ward/ Esttp
  • Algiers 15 ward/ OTF/Brim/witney Boys
  • East shore/ Esttp

3rd Ward OTF/Brim/Esttp 12 Ward valintine Bloods/OTF/Brim Kenner SP Mafia 5

  • Algiers OFB/Brim/ 515 Bim g


Street GangsEdit

  1. 7th Ward (Real Gang)
  2. 9th Ward (Real Gang)
  3. 17 Ward (Real Gang)
  4. Lower 9th Ward (Real Gang)
  5. 3rd Ward (Real Gang)
  6. Downa Road Soldiers (DRS) St. Bernard Parish & V-Town
  7. Heights Drive Soldiers (HDS) St. Bernard Parish
  8. Village Square Villains/Bloods / Untouchables (VSV VSB) Chalmette
  9. 3rd n Galvez (3ng) Uptown New Orleans
  10. 7th Ward Hardheads/Souljas Downtown New Orleans
  11. Cut Throat City (Cross Tha Canal) C.T.C. Downtown Lower 9th Ward
  12. Dumaine St. 6th Ward, Downtown
  13. Gotti Boyz (Melphamine Projects) Uptown Westbank
  • Algiers (Fischer Projects)
  • DoubleH (Harvey)
  • Ro7 (Marrero)
  • Cutoff
  • KH (Kennedy Heights)

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