Oto Oto no Mi
Japanese Name:
English Name: Sound Sound Fruit
Meaning: Sound
First Appearance:
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Speedy

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


Speedy can control the sound and make sound produce sound make im own body move at the speed of sound that just the user of the Soku Soku No Mi and Speedy can go at the speed of sound.

Speedy can also control the normal attack like figthing movements and weapon movements, be the sound wave that the enemie trobuce.


  • Sonic Blast: The Sonic Blast is a roar just like the lion but 100,000 time stronger. So it is 10,000 or 10 time stronger than the "Mega Roar".

  • Sonic Speed of Sound: The attact sonic speed of is not really a real attack because it's just speed that he can travel. But can be used as a attack.

  • Sonic Wave:

  • Mega Roar: The Mega Roar is a roar just like the lion but 10,000 time stronger.


Team CombinationsEdit

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See AlsoEdit

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