The headquarters of Planet Express is located on the west side of Manhattan on 57th Street in New New York. The building includes a tower and a hangar, as well as a seaside facility. The tower is directly connected to the rooms, and rooms such as the conference room and Farnsworth's laboratory have a clear view of the hangar behind it. The building is also home to the Professor and his clone.


There are many rooms in the Planet Express headquarters, and some rooms also change position whenever the writers need it. And some rooms are only shown once or twice, purely for the purpose of a scene.


The largest and most important room and the heart of the operation of Planet Express, in here, the Planet Express ship is kept, which requires no lane to take off, although, there is an option for angling the floor up to assist in a take off of the ship. The hangar has direct access to the conference room and Farnsworth's laboratory.

Conference roomEdit

The conference room consists of the conference table, where all meetings at the company are held. The conference room also includes a kitchen from the opposite side of the hangar, as well as a chemical shower. There is also a big monitor, where videos are often shown, especially educational films. The conference room overlooks the hangar as well connecting with the employee lounge.

The Chamber of UnderstandingEdit

The Chamber of Understanding is a dome where the Professor spends his time trying to understand things. It comes down from the ceiling and doesn't require turning any switch to be activated.

Farnsworth's laboratoryEdit

Underneath the conference room is Farnsworth's laboratory. In here, Farnsworth spends most of his time working on his many inventions.

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