Purazuma Purazuma no Mi

Japanese Name:
English Name: Plasma Plasma Fruit
Meaning: high energy state of matter
First Appearance:
Type: Unknown
Eaten by:

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


Plasma is superheated gas, and it is currently the hottest substance known. It has the ability to pass through any materials with the exception of insulators, and it is a very unstable substance. Due to its heat, has the potential to burn through all substances, and can even overcome Akainu's magma fruit. The kessho kessho no mi also allows its user to transform into a plasma state (like ball lightning) and move very quickly (much like Kizaru's pika pika no mi). Because it is essentially superheated air, the user is not affected by solid objects while in this state and many things will simply pass through it. The fruit also allows the user to superheat the air around him/her and in a focused area.


Aside form the standard devil fruit weaknesses, plasma can be brought to a stable state by being grounded with an object of opposite charge. This is not the same as conventional grounding, as you cannot stick a metal rod through the user and attach it to the ground.




Team CombinationsEdit


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