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Pyro (CharacterRapper)-1-
Age 18
Date of birth 1-28-91
Birth Name Dan k goodfellow
Birth Location san diego, ca

now detroit, mi

Gender Male
Species Human
Blood Type Human Blood (Blood)
Blood Type Type O
Planet of origin Earth
Profession Rapper
Height 5'9"
Weight 180
Eyes hazel
Hair blonde
Marital Status Dating
Citizenship usa
Occupation Rapper, Gangsta
Education ceritfied gangsta

Family Edit

  • Girlfriend: sarah mcguire
  • Father: none
  • Mother: Xx_sexii cookies_xX
  • Brother: lilzhane11 wc
  • Brother:



CD's Edit

  • I had a dream demo tape


Early yearsEdit

born daniel k goodfellow in san diego to a military family, he moved alot. he moved from san diego, ca, to norman, ok, to louisville, ky to la grange(<6000) to detroit, mi

he hates his real life parent

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