Robot Devil
Gender: Male
Species: Robot
Planet of Origin: Earth
Profession(s): Running Robot Hell
Current Status: Alive
Personal Weapons Systems
Defensive Systems
Chronological and General Info


The Robot Devil (also known as Beelzebot) is a recurring character on Futurama . He seems to resemble the Devil of many Earth religions. He lives in Robot Hell along with many other sinners. He is talented at playing the fiddle, therefore owns a golden one. He lives in a New Jersey amusement park, apparently closed due to the salmonella produced by the flume ride. The Fun House has the symbol of Bender's new religion, so Fry pushed it, leading to a slide to Robot Hell. [1]

When Bender broke his promise to Robotology under the influence of Fry and Leela, the Robot Devil kidnapped him and took him to Robot Hell. However, Fry and Leela were able to save him.

The Robot Devil swapped hands with Fry so that Fry could become better at playing the holophoner. He also seems to be able to summon flames, and has a bit of talent with illusions demonstrated at the opera with Nixon and him supposedly engulfed in the flames. He is a bit into the theatrical, bursting into song when possible, and has a bit of talent for it judging from his brief performance at the opera. [2]

As head of the League of Robots, Bender sold the soul of his firstborn to the Robot Devil in exchange for an Army of the Damned, something Robot Devil claimed was cold-blooded even by "his" standards. His hands are very well coordinated. He can swap his hands with any human very fast and the human doesn't feel any pain. His arms, legs, upper, and lower torso resemble bender's body parts very much though his fingers are pointed, and his feet are two-toed (much like the cloven hooves of the Christian devil) rather than Bender's semi-sphere feet. He also has a bit of flamboyancy in his speech and movements, easily angered by being mocked. He is a bit hypocritical, once confronting Fry about his opera characters "lacking subtlety" and "announcing how they feel" by saying "That makes me feel angry!"

Band Edit

The Robot Devil has a small musical band who play the Robot Hell Theme Song. The group plays at the wedding of Lars and Leela.[3]

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Footnotes Edit

  1. Hell Is Other Robots
  2. The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings
  3. Bender's Big Score

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