Robot Mafia
Location Little Bitaly, New New York, Earth
Organisation Type Organised Crime Syndicate
Type Organisation

"We're the Robot Mafia, the Entire Robot Mafia". -Donbot to pretty much everyone the Robot Mafia has encountered. The Robot Mafia also known as La Costra Cybernetica are the central form of organized crime on Planet Earth.

Consisting of seemingly only 3 major figureheads the Robot mob were originally only created by the original five human crime families to ease their own work load the original crew of 3 began to see that their daily functions would be better optimized with the elimination of their flawed organic creators.

Throughout Earth most humans believe that the Robot Mafia are probably the most brutally Efficient robotic units ever made (and not by Momcorp) which many find ironic due to the almost nonsensical functionality of most other robots.

Mafia Organization Structure Edit

Main Members Edit

Misc Members Edit

Wendy Combatdette (robo "moll" and enforcer)

Former Members Edit

Assets Edit

  • Social Club
  • Headquarters (Fronty's Meat Market)
  • Spacecraft