Samantha Misaki is a female protagonist villain in Futurama.


Human formEdit

Samantha is a Japanese 9-years old girl with a long brown hair that she wears in pigtails, two hanging fuschia pink bows in her lower pigtails and she wears a blue dress and a black shoes and white socks. She has brown cat ears on her head and a cat tail on her lower back with a ribbon on it.

Snake formEdit

Samantha transforms into her snake form due when someone insult her that she is not a human due of her cat ears and a tail because all humans don't have cat ears or tails. Samantha's giant snake form was namely Nana which it means seven in Japanese. Nana has brown scales and a light brown underside. Her eyes are light green. Like real snakes. She has black cat-like pupils. Nana is able to fly even she doesn't have wings.

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