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She Voiced By Betsy Russell of saw and she the sister of fry and yancy
Sarah Fry
Sarah fry

Sarah Fry 2998

Aliases/Other Names: Superwoman Clarie Mason

Sarah Farnsworth

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Date of Birth: 2989
Date of Death: N/A
Profession(s): Planet Express
Ships/Company Posting: The Planet Express Ship
Current Age: 13-14
Current Status: Alive
Mother: Mrs Fry
Sister(s): none
Brother(s): Philip J. Fry

Yancy Fry, Jr

Children: Elizbeth Farnsworth (daughter)

Farnsworth Babies(son and Daughter)

Girl/Boyfriend/Spouse: Cubert Farnsworth
Personal Weapons Systems
Defensive Systems
Chronological and General Info
Enemies: Clarie Mason

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