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Selene (Series-128040)
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Vital statistics
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Birthdate February 9, 2978
Date Of Death {{{death}}}
Gender Female
Species Robot (Computer operated Artificial Construct)
Race Humanoid Holo-Skin Android
Series/Type/Class: Heavy Combat War Droid/Command Control Robot
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Electric Blue
Height 5 ft, 10 in.
Weight 240lbs.
Profession/Occupation Super Combat Capable Military Kill-Bot
Faction Democratic Order of Planets
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Current Status: Alive/Active
Homeworld/Reality Planet Earth (Universe Gamma/01)
Military Background/Career
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Ships Posting: N.X.A. Armageddon (BP-120010-0012)
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Rank: DOOP Starship Commanding Officer (Captain)
Personal Weapons Systems
Robo-Abilities: Super Acceleration (up to 129 mph).
Weapons (Basic) 12 Positron Particle Cannons (on Back retracting QuadraTentacle array)
  • 20 Death Particle Beam Mini Point Lasers
  • 2 Arm Mounted Destructo Beam Cannons
  • 4 internal Particle Torpedo Arrays (Ultra-Death Capable)
  • 2 Auto-Mega Death Hyper rotating Gatling Beam Cannons (1,015 Shots per Second) (With optional Electro-Plasma Grenade Launcher Ability)
  • 3 Lighting Strike EM Long Range Cannons
  • 4 Internal Black Widow bladed Techno-Spider limbs (wall climbing & attack)
  • 2 retractable extra arms (all upper limbs are equipped with retracting Killamagig utility tentacles).
Heavy Weapons High Intensity Mass Energy Cannon (Hyper-Death Capable)

4 Planetary Annihilator Hyper-Cannons (Back Mounted)

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Basic Combat Duty Uniform

Selene (Series-128040) or Auto-CommOfficer-1248 is the Commanding Officer (Captain) of DOOP High Combat War-Bot Autocruiser N.X.A. Armageddon (BP-120010-0012)

System Specifications Edit

Date of Creation: February 9, 2978
Place of Creation: Moms Military Weapons Complex 1227, Republic of Robonia, Earth
Military Class: Athena (Military Intelligence/Command Sub-Class)

Fuel/Power Systems Edit

While Selene is primarily internally built similar to most robots requiring large amounts of alcohol for basic fuel Selene like all Heavy Weapons Kill-Bots require a special extra power energy source.

2 Primary Hydrogen/Fortified Alcohol Fuel Cells (Type-20)
Basic Power Output: 20,333 Ultra-Watts

1 Electronium Crystal Sphere (Main Central Weapons Power) (Internal)

System Physical Composition Edit

Selene Consists of an external energy skin shell of Hard Light based Holographic and Particle Energy shielding, while her internal structure consists of a Nano-Particle based Neutronium/Coltan/Dolemite Robo-Skeleton. This allows the unit to be as resistant to both weapons fire and various forms of intense radiation as possible.

System Main Functions Edit

The main Primary function of Selene is to function as a ships Central Command/Control Weapons core for any DOOP Heavy War Command Carrier. The Command Weapons Core has primary control over all main and 2ndary offensive systems and over all other Heavy Combat Reenforcement Kill-Drones, Holo-Defense based and smaller robo Backup ships, as well as all high maneuverability Starfighters. Also Selene has the central role of main interlink conduit joining all 2ndary Weapons Cores (Robo-Combat crew) for maximum battle efficiency.

System Computational Capacity Edit

Selene has been preprogrammed with the complete DOOP Datacores of all Tactical, Weapons, Command (Leadership), Astrometric, Medical, and Scientific/Intel Gathering databases and logs of all past DOOP ships and crews.

At current Selene's Computronic Memory Capacity (CMC) is at a rate of 20 to the power of 100 Quintillion Hydra-Quads (Each Hydra-Quad equals up to 1 to the power of 1,000 Quadrillion Terabytes per second.)

Robo-Abilities Edit

The Selene series was picked as the 1st choice of DOOP's Command Defense War-Drone Fleet mainly due to the systems high-kill rate. On average the system under maximum optimal operating parameters and best combat reaction time can achieve up to a 130% successful kill rate and a 250% successful disablement rate. Also unlike many other Command ship robot systems Selene can react to nearly any extremely dangerous situation without easily without overloading nor suffering from Logic Displacement Overload. Also known as Logic Paradoxes. In order to withstand such extreme mental stresses Selene is built with special LDO Anti-Crash Buffer Zones all along the systems Interior Circometric Structure (ICS).