The Simi Valley Gangster Crips (SVGC) are primarily an African-American Crip gang located on the Midwest of Simi Valley, CA. Their territory is near Erringer Rd and stretches from Larch Street to Sycamore Drive. Members claim the following streets: Larch Street, Elmdale Avenue, Heather Street, Madrone Street and Wisteria Street.

The Simi Valley Gangster Crips also claims Trays (3x) and are known to hangout at the Citrus Grove Park, which is located on the corner of Erringer Road and E. Los Angeles Avenue. The Simi Valley Gangster Crips are the largest Crip gang in the Simi Valley area, along with the Arroyo Park Crips.

The SVGC's criminal activities consist of Home Invasions, Strong-Arm Robberies, Extorting, Credit Card Fraud, Drug Trafficking, Assault and Battery, and Murder. The Simi Valley Gangster Crips are regarded as the first Crip gang in Simi Valley.

Allies & Rivals

Allies include Arroyo Park Crips and Santa Fe Springs Mafia Crips. Rivals include the Carlotta Street Pirus (CSP), South Side Piru (SSP), these two gangs have been feuding for decades. Other enemies include All Neighborhood Crips, Valley Hood Pirus (VHP), Varrio Simi Valley (VSV), and the West Side Locos.

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