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Snoop Dogg
Date of birth
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet of origin Long Beach, California, United States, Planet Earth
Profession Rapper, Gangsta, Actor, Chief Justice

Snoop Dogg is born in Long Beach, California, United States.He was frozen in a cryogenics tube at the time 2020a and was unfrozen at the time of 2500 and start is new album West Coast Dogg Godd and sold over then 30,000,000,000 copies just on earth.

History Edit

When he finish school he was in the Crips a street gang from Los Angeles that move to New New York, he was in the Rollin 20's Crips to be exact. After that he was arrested for possision of coccain he was sent in jail and after that he did is time in jail, he started is carrer as a rapper from Long Beach with Dr. Dre at Death Row Records in Compton.

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