The Syndicate is a violent street gang with alot of weapons. Comprised of Mostly Haitian and Jamaican and African men. There is also a few white and Spanish members who are just as dangerous and violent and hold some influence within the gang. Greg Wooley is the Haitian born leader of the gang who controls alot of drug trafficking turf in the city of Montreal. Most of the members have murdered and are willing to murder. They have a large stockpile of weapons and aren't afraid to use them. It is said that the Syndicate also has members who are from Toronto who reside in Montreal now due to on-going investigations in Toronto involving drug trafficking, murder and extortion. They are staying in Montreal to avoid heat in Toronto and most likely continue their drug activities from a distance. Notable members are Greg Wooley who was a hit man for Mom Boucher and the Hells Angels in the 90s during the biker war. Big Lou who is violent and well armed and Bloodbath who has been a suspect in several drug related homicides in Toronto and at least 1 in the Montreal area he has also used arson for the gang several times since the early 90s and is also involved in extortion of other drug dealers and has strong ties to violent street gangs in Toronto. The Syndicate is involved in a current on going battle with the Bloods and what is left of the Rock Machine.

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