• Fry becoming an evil and crazy santa treats everyone as naughty, here's what he does for that behaviour.
    • Firing lasers instead of tinkling eyes.
    • Throwing presents instead of putting presents under the tree.
    • Nicknamed "Chris Tremble" instead of "Chris Kringle".
    • Spreading Yuletide Fear instead of Yuletide Cheer.
    • Stealing everyone's presents.
    • Riding the sleigh with no bottom on the front.
  • Fry as the Naughty Santa is a reference to the main character of the film Bad Santa.
  • Fry rides a bottomless sleigh (for the front) is a reference to The Flintstones.
  • Fry stealing everyone's christmas presents is an allusion to The Grinch which is also seen on TV earlier.

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