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The Early Days
Season 9, Episode 1
Air date April 9, 2015
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''The Early Days'' is the 1st episode of Season 9 of Futurama, and the first episode after the sudden 'Meltdown' of Futurama. It will air somewhere 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Fry get's teleported to the year 2002, while Bender becomes obsessed with Japanese Dolls, while Leela gets an obsession with video games.

Fry get's teleported to the year 2002, Bender becomes obsessed with Japanese Dolls, and did i mention that Leela gets an obsession with video games? - Futurama Inc, March 2015

Full Story Edit

The Planet Express Crew is forced onto the streets after Cubert takes over the building, and the Proffesser is fighting to get it back, while Fry take's a little walk through New New York, he comes across an ally, where he finds Nibbler, who quickly disappears, suddenly Fry disappears.

Not noticing Fry has disappeared, the Planet Express crew wins the building back after a block-ball competition, and Bender quickly finds a picture of a Japanese Dolls on a painting, and quickly gets addicted to japanese dolls, meanwhile in the year 2002, we learn that Fry had been teleported there, and is now continuing his life, at his house, fighting with his brother, and he quickly leaves and go's to Pannuci's Pizza, to see his dog, back in the year 3015, Leela is looking for Fry when she come's across one of his video games, and starts playing it, and quickly get's addicted.

In the year 2002, Fry is looking at a picture of Leela, and quickly really want's to return to the future, thus he starts a look for the ally he got teleported in, he finds it and goes back to the year 3015, in the year 3015, Fry is playing video games with Leela, why Bender is finishing his Japanese Doll Collection, and Fry convinces him to stop collecting, but for a little bit of revenge, Bender convinces' Leela to stop playing Video Games.


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