The Internet as its so commonly known as in the 20th and 21st Centuries is still the primary interconnectivity media and education computer network in the year 3000

Variations of the Internet Edit

There are 3 primary types of internet that were 1st developed in the 29th Century and later perfected in the 30th Century and they are:

Internet (Basic) Edit

The first type of internet (also known as the InterNets or InterWeb) is like the 20th century internet which can be primarily used for all ages mainly for viewing all forms of basic media (videos, MP4000's etc..) which are accessed by saying a single word.

XXXNet (Adult) Edit

This 2nd form of the internet is soley for Adult X-Rated use only. Like premium cable for an extra fee and proof of age this network can be accessed in where all forms of Porn (both Human and Robot) can be downloaded as well as various forms of Virtual and long range Holographic Sex.

HyperNet Edit

The 3rd type of the internet (also known as HyperWeb) can be accessed through the use of Virtual Interlink Net Suits (VINS). It is still filled with ads which attack people until they give into the demands. Many websites like eBay still carry on strongly, videos can be watched, virtual disguise skins can be downloaded and games can be played. The virtual representation of the person while online is identical to thier normal selves except with a green tinge.


  • Amy Wong naked (really Leela's body).com
  • Death Factory III: The Legend of Death Factory II
  • Filthy Chat Room
  • Filthy Filthy Chat Room
  • (Kid)
  • YouGottaDoWatchaGottaDo.cjhr.hlmn.prfq – A Nibblonian porn website that chose a boring name for a disguise. The URL states that the server sits in New Snowdonia, Pluto, the owner lives on planet Hala Mala Khen, and the website is from Omicron Persei 8. Of course, this is all false information.

HyperUltra-Link (Military) Edit

This final form of networking is really a main form of ship Command/Control interface primarily used on all DOOP Starships as well as a Ultra Info-Database indipendently housed within the ships main Computron Core. And while many ships can interlink to the interweb through Server sub-space transmission satillittes throughout the universe the Ultra-Link was designed to give ships all of the immeadate information they may need if they are no longer within Transmission or Communications range.