I am my Brothers KeeperEdit

Krone packs lubricator justices Heavey armaments There going to get a veritable slippery slop these,s Neo-Colonialist transient sterility are sterilised. On the catwalk kron love,s the clik clik of his favourite plashiest crutch belt Kron is Locked with hormonal. Things get damp and "beleaguered crass" he proclaimed as the body count clicked over with Krons vitalities member state. This was Krons over sexed up Cat walk hard-on and fast or slow is an idiopathic constraint , "Wet pussies after dinner mint Show , Show me your bitch "Kron Shouts over the hail of choco ammo ,these pussies are gay as Kron plants a kish Harp projectile at optimal damage trajectory in and out in out three pussie,s shish Kron Proclaims as the brothers fall like midi sequences.

Screenshot 572008428 1223070495-2-

Kron gets hot on hard on

Vital statistics
Home World Thucksalolonia
Species The Neo-Colonialist Thessalonians
Age {{{age}}}
Date of Death
Eye Color {{{Eyes}}}
Position Kron make out with the slave booty these bitches have no respect for women Selena is pleased with Krons desperation pleasures as the Raptors will make excellent Doop Officers , I have liberated the rapturous Raptors Kron Proclaims in the Doop temple of Warriors .
[[Dance pak raptors-1-|250px]]

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