Tinny Tim
Gender: Male
Species: Robot
Planet of Origin: Earth
Personal Weapons Systems
Defensive Systems
Chronological and General Info

Template:Quote Tinny Tim was an ill-fated orphan-bot who was programmed to beg, sell oil-ade, and write in cute backwards letters on signs. He also sells the New New York Post.

Bender doesn't seem to care for Tinny Tim and is cruel to him, both directly and indirectly. In one case Tinny Tim saves Bender from getting arrested and helps him to join the Robot Mafia. He is friends with Dwight Conrad and Cubert Farnsworth.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a play on Tiny Tim from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.
  • Tinny Tim's crippled foot switches from episode to episode.
  • Tinny Tim was created by David X. Cohen.
  • He resembles Patches an Orphan in the Simpsons

Appearances Edit

Episodes Edit

Comics Edit

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