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Series Name
Season 9, Episode 10
Air date 2011
Written by Stephanie Meyer
Directed by David X. Cohen
Special Guest Voice(s) {
Special Guest Voice
Episode Guide
}} = Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson|caption = "My Babysitter is a vampire"|specialguestvoice = Kristen Stewart as Yamaposal woman|previous = "Skye is dating a vampire"|next = "Marriage Breakdown"}}

Fú lái hé ài mǐ shì rúhé zhuì rù àihé, jiéhūn, qù dù mìyuè ma? is a Futurama episode.


Fry and Amy, who are tired of having a one-eyed woman, Leela and an Amphibion, Kif for their love interests fall in love with each other, due to Amy going on a fake vacation to Yomposal 1.

Fry and Skye decide to restart their ongoing romantic relationship in order for Fry to make Leela jealous, due to Leela had a thing for Kif whom got into an argument with his non-Amphibion wife, Amy.

Meanwhile, Amy goes to find a new man in order to make Kif jealous, due to Kif also had a thing for Leela whom also got an argument with her non-mutant husband, Fry.

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