he (if you can call him a he) is a strange being that was born on the very day fry was frozan . december 31 1999 . when alien nuclear power enter'd a black hole createing the unkown entity. his intentions are to kill all intelligant life in the multiverse. his enemey's include all liveing things .

year 3012Edit

after spending all that he considers eternity in the black hole he finally escapes . his first strike was on earth . he lands on the street near planet express . once he attempts to break in , Farnsworth mistakes him for a new employe and invites him in . when hermes asked for a name the entity answers "i dont know". he is interested in the multiverse and realise's that he can use all power sources in the galaxy so he can win . he go's onto the ship with Leela , Fry and Bender . when they visit the former planet pluto , the entity attempts to ransack the ship but is busted by bender ( who doesnt even care becuse he is also riading the ship) . once on earth the entity attmepts to strike but loose's a fight with leela when nibbler eats his weopans . whe nixons head hears of this attempt to attack he sends the one person who can fight him a clone of chuck noris . but chuck noris is imediatly vaporised by the entity .

when wormstrom discovers the entity's orgin (but farsworth takes the credit) it is explianed that the entity is "so intelgiant it make's the big brian look like a retard , so evil that it makes Mom look like a charity organiser , so powerful it makes the zombie dinosaurs of the nuclear civil war of kansas look like the democratic party of the year 2692"

eventuly it is agreed that they hole galaxy agrre's to send it's armies agianst this entity with all super nuclear weopans .

after fighting the entity for 6 days (and deystroying 30 galaxys in the process. the entity delare himself winner . only to be defeated when zoidberg knocks the entity back into the black hole . it unkown if he was killed becuse farsnworth siad that nothing could survive a black hole but the entity spent its hole life in the black hole

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