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Unmei Zatchi
Age 87
Blood type O
Gender Female
Current Affiliation
Kekkei Genkai Plasma Eye
Clan Zatchi Clan
Current Location
Village of Origin
Rank Kage

She is the 2nd kage of her village and she is one of the founder of is village.

About is ClanEdit

Is clan is dangerous just like other clans.


She is unbeatable thanks to its Kekkei Genkai it will étuliser its Kekkei Genkai when one of his relatives are in danger.It think all the world is equal. It is very quiet and it does not shock easily. She believed that all the world is equal, nobody is stronger than other people. She is friendly with others she encounters.

Abilities and Skills Edit


Kekkei GenkaiEdit


  • Great Grandson:
  • Great Grandson:
  • Great Grandson:
  • Great Grandson:

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