WestSide Mafia Crip ,Lukeh Loc...Representin For Tha Mafia's

Str8 out of that Texas Been c'd Up since i was 26 now Free the Big homie LA out that 99 mafia

Cuzz it's A Mafia Thang i got C'd up with tha set with my big homie Goat...

Then My family moved me.. From The City And than i ran away to Austin,Texas at the age of 15 only Nigga reppin West Side Mafia Crip...In that motha Fucca nothing But igc's,Kitchen,And 59 Hoover,ANd 357...Shit But the Locstas Gave me Love I Go By the Rap name Yungsta Wish Checc Me out on you Tube..Rip Rydah! 4 LYFE!!

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